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Vistra, Dwarven Wizard

Vistra was born to a poor, religious family in the mountains
south of Hammerfast.
He was born with poor legs and was unable to walk at a young age.
As he was bound to his room, he started reading.
Not religion like his parents wanted but the arcane arts.
So when a healer was finally able to come along to look
at Vistra's legs, he dismissed the healer.
He vowed to follow his own path and cursed the Gods names
for allowing such injustice to exist at all.
He conjured up a Floating Disk and used that to get away.

His anger at the Gods grew every day, while he became more and
more convinced of the superiority of the arcane arts.
"Ultimately all power is derived from Arcane"
He met someone that could give him new legs using grafts.
He rejected that offer, tricked an angel into being summoned
and took the angel's wings for his own.
He hides those wings except for combat or fleeing.

Role in a Campaign

Vistra can be enraged by sweet talking the Gods or down talking arcane magic.
When first battled he may use his wings to flee the encounter.

He uses Eye of Alarm to guard himself against surprise attacks.


Vistra level 14 Elite Controller
Medium Humanoid           
Initiative +14                            Senses Perception + 20; Low-light vision
HP 140; Bloodied 70
AC 30, Fortitude 25, Reflex 26, Will 28
Speed 1; falls Prone unless a manages a saving throw, Fly 8
Action Points 1
Saving Throws +2
Resist 10 Force
Stand Ground: -1 to push/pull/slide and saving throw against falling prone
+5 to saving throws against poison

Standard Actions

Quarterstaff,        +19 vs. AC,    1d8 + 4 damage
Thunderwave (At-will; Close Blast 4),
                             +18 vs. Reflex,   
                             1d6 + 14 thunder and force damage,
                             target is pushed 6 squares
Force Missile (At-will; Range 20), +18 vs. Reflex,    2d4 + 14 force damage
Force Orb (Encounter; Area burst 4 within 10),
                             +18 vs. Reflex,   
                             1d6 + 14 force damage, target is knocked prone;
                             Vistra and allies are not affected
Rolling Thunder (Encounter; Range 10; 2 attacks),
                             +18 vs. Reflex,   
                             3d6 + 14 thunder damage, target slides 3 squares
Force Grab  (Encounter; Range 20; Sustain minor; move 8 squares),
                             +18 vs. Reflex,   
                             2d8 + 14 force damage, target is grabbed
                             and if sustained grabbed target takes 15 force damage
                             (use Reflex Defense as DC to escape grab)
Spectral Ram  (Encounter; Range 10),
                             +18 vs. Fortitude,    

                             2d10 + 14 force damage, target is pushed 3 squares
                             and knocked prone
Thunderlance  (Encounter; Close Blast 6),
                             +18 vs. Reflex,   
                             4d6 + 14 thunder damage, target is pushed 4 squares

Minor Actions

Second Wind  (Encounter; minor),
Vistra gains 35 hit points and +2 to all defenses until end of next turn
Angel's Wings (At-Will; minor), Vistra gains or loses Fly 8
Drink Potion (Encounter; minor), Vistra gains 25 hit points and saves against condition

Alignment Lawful Evil Languages Common, Dwarven
Arcane +20, History +16, Insight +18


Heavenly Push (Immediate Interrupt; target of ranged attack; once/round), 
Vistra gains +5 to defenses against this attack
Shield (Encounter; Immediate Reaction):

                             if hit by an attack raise AC and Reflex by 4 until end of next turn
Storm of Blades (Immediate Reaction; reduced to 0 hit points; Close Burst 3),

                             +19 vs. AC,   
                             6d8 + 7 damage


Vistra is all about forced movement, so terrain will play a big role.
He tries to keep away from melee fighters using his flight.
He tries to push anyone into pits or spikes.


Vistra is in a training room:
all walls have spikes, and there are several pits with spikes on them.
Being pushed into any of those causes 10 damage.

Level 14 Encounter:
  • Vistra
  • ShieldGuardian (found under guardian entry in Monster Manual)
  • 2 Earth Elementals (found in Monster Manual 3; level up 2 levels)
  • DartWall trap behind Vistra. It only fires at ground level and he can fly above it. The trap is triggered by Vistra and can be disabled by 3 Thievery DC 34 or Arcana DC 32. It attacks 2d4 creatures in range.
    Use Poisoned Dart Wall from Dungeon Master's Guide as a start but level it to level 13.
The trap activates when the ShieldGuardian is dead as Vistra is Flying and
the Earth Elementals have little trouble with it as they can Burrow: half speed through solid rock. The earth elementals are hidden / burrowed at first.

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