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Masterwork Armors

Masterwork Armors

Masterwork armors are introduced in Adventurer's Vault.
They give additional AC bonus and other special properties
like additional defenses or resists.


Some masterwork armors in adventurer's vault are related to race:
Cloth: Githzerai
Leather: Drow
Hide: Dwarves
Chain: Eladrin, Genasi, Tieflings
Scale: Yuan-ti, Dwarves
Plate: Humans, Githzerai

This is good opportunity to give PCs or friendly NPCs
a moment to shine with creating masterwork armors.

The list above is just a guideline.
If someone can explain how to make a masterwork armor,
it is possible.
It depends on character background, intelligence, race, Nature skill (skins), Arcana skill (cloth; leather), etc.

Masterwork Rules

Masterwork Armor is made using:
  • someone that knows the crafting techniques
  • correct materials, total market price is the same as normal item,
    also sells for the same market price.
    For example: a magic armor's market price is 20.000 gp.
    A character that has 5000 gp in components cost needs
    pay up 15.000 gp. The masterwork armor's market price is then 20.000 gp.
  • takes time to create in hours equal to the item level,
    which is can be interrupted.


  • Cloth Armor
    Githweave: 5000 gp Alexandrite Crystals
    Mindweave: 6000 gp Sapphire Crystals
  • Leather Armor
    Drowmesh: 6000 gp Onyx Crystals
    Snakeskin: 7000 gp Emerald Crystals
  • Scale Armor
    Drakescale Armor: 4000 gp Rage Drake Scales
                                    5000 gp Dragon Scales
        Wyvern Scale Armor: 6000 gp Wyvern scales
                                            7000 gp Hydra Scales
        Stormscale Armor: 6000 gp Gorgon Scales
  • Goggles of Night: 9000 gp Dark Crystal

Where to find Materials

  • Crystals: found in caverns in the Fey wild,
    Nature to navigate and to avoid wildlife,
    Dungeoneering to find and navigate cave,
    History to know about caves
  • Dark Crystal: found in darkest caves of the Shadowfell,
    Nature to navigate,
    Religion to stay clear of dangers,
    Stealth to bypass Nightwalkers, they can be distracted,
    Dungeoneering for navigating caves
  • Scales: kill rage drakes, dragons, wyverns, etc. 

How to use Masterwork Armor

This all depends on how adventures are played.
If it's a pure dungeon crawl with players focusing on tactical combat,
it's best just hand them Masterwork Armor instead of regular armor.
That way, they don't have the hassle of finding components or caring about the details of crafting Masterwork Armor.

If players focus a on non-combat and crafting the above house rules may help crafting Masterwork Armor.

So it all depends on the play style of the group.

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