Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Deserter quest

The Deserter

The PCs come upon a poster hanging in town:
Crime:    desertion
Wanted:  alive
Reward: 400 gp

with the face of blond haired middle-aged man on it.

A Streetwise check easily gives the following information:
Jared deserted his post. There was an incident
where some citizens were fighting amongst themselves.

He got a wound and fled into the sewers and hasn't come
back for 2 weeks now. Because of that the other guards
were in danger. People can't imagine him being
in the sewer for so long due to the crocodiles.
None of the other guards know him well, he seemed a bit odd.
The last weeks he seemed more off than usual.
His nickname was Crazy Jared.

To navigate the sewers use Dungeoneering. The stench in here is
quite overwhelming. Nature checks help with tracking.
Nature DC 20 finds him directly, any lower than that and the PCs spend several hours marching in the sewers and lose a healing surge.
A Dungeoneering or History DC 18 lead to the PCs being able to map the sewers. This means no lost healing surge for failing the nature check.

Finally they find him in a barely closed of room.
He's in there with 3 Fey Crocodiles (see monster manual).


Crazy Jared level 10 Skirmisher
Medium humanoid
Initiative +9           Senses Perception +12

HP 104; Bloodied 52
AC 26, Fortitude 23, Reflex 27, Will 22
Speed 6
Longsword (At-Will),   +15 vs. AC,    1d8 + 7 damage
Twin Strike
(At-Will; 2 attacks),    +16 vs. AC,    1d10 + 8 damage
Shadow Wasp Strike
(Encounter),    +16 vs. AC,    2d10 + 10 damage

Level 11 Encounter:
  • Crazy Jared
  • 3 Fey Crocodiles

There are 3 waterfalls converging into 1 stream here.
The waterfalls are difficult terrain and grant complete cover.
The streams are shallow water but are slippery: Acrobatics DC 15 when
crossing a stream to prevent falling prone or Athletics DC 20 (10 when running start).
All perception checks take a -5 penalty due to the noise.
Jared is sitting on a rotten chair. In the south-western corner
is some wood that appears to be used as a bed.
He wears a rusted scale mail and rags. He uses 2 broadswords as weapons.

The deserter fled into the Sewers because he has gone bonkers.
He believes he's a king.
The entrance is hidden to be safe from other sewer dwellers.
He has attracted Fey Crocodiles, he's a ranger multiclassed
to druid and thinks he can shapeshift into a crocodile.

If found out he shouts phrases such as:
"Onward my knights! For Anduria!"
"I won't let you kill my subjects!"
He lives under the delusion that he is King Jared IV, King of Anduria.
If one of the crocodiles gets bloodied or killed he screams:
"John, you will not have died for nothing"
"How dare you rebels hurt my noble knights"
If defeated, he mumbles:
   "How can this be?"
   "I am not worthy to be king, please take my crown..."

If brought back, he's sent to the asylum.
He carries with him:
  • decayed rat meat
  • bronze crown worth 100 gp

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