Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dara, Elf Vampire Cleric of Zehir

Eons ago, Dara was born to a noble family in a city.
When she was of marrying age, her parents were looking for a husband for her.
It didn't come to that, as a powerful vampire - some say Kas -
entered their house, slaughtered everyone and turned her into a vampire.

He quickly left her, focusing his attention somewhere else.
This led her back to her old house, where after a lot of searching, she
found a small shrine dedicated to Zehir.

She never knew how the family became wealthy, but as she saw the shrine dedicated to the patron God of assassins, she knew what to do.
As the only link to her family, she prayed at the shrine and offered tribute.

After a while she got her hands on a holy symbol of Zehir, in a way appropriate of Him. That is how she became a cleric of Zehir.
Being a stealthy elf and trained in Nature and poisons by her parents,
she was quite a capable assassin.

Besides assassinations she thought about starting a family of her own.
Meaning she was looking for powerful humanoids to turn into vampires.
If she meets the PCs she sees them both as a threat and as an opportunity
to create her family.

Zehir is the God of Darkness, Poison and Snakes and is the patron of assassins.

Her history leave some questions unanswered:
  • Was it really Kas?
  • How did her family get involved with Zehir?
  • Is all of it coincidence or not?


Dara level 16 Solo Controller
Medium Undead
Initiative +16                Senses Perception +18; dark vision
HP 274; Bloodied 137
AC 30, Fortitude 31, Reflex 28, Will 26
Resist Necrotic 10, Vulnerable Radiant 5, Immune Disease;Poison
Speed 5
Action Points 2
Saving Throws +5
Regeneration 10 (except in direct sunlight)

Standard Actions

Morning star,   
                                   +17 vs. AC,   
                                   2d6 + 10 damage, target takes 10 ongoing poison damage
                                   and is dazed (save ends both)
Lance of Faith (At-will; Range 10),   
                                   +18 vs. Reflex,   
                                   1d8 + 11 necrotic damage,
                                   target gains vulnerable Necrotic 5 (save ends)
Necrotic Poison (Encounter; Range 10),   
                                   +18 vs. Will,   
                                   3d8 + 11 necrotic damage,
                                   target gains vulnerable 5 to all of Dara's attacks (save ends)
                                   - miss half damage
Grasping Shadows (Encounter; Range 10),   
                                   +18 vs. Reflex,   
                                   2d10 + 11 necrotic damage,
                                   target is restrained (save ends)
Blinding Darkness (Encounter; Range 10),   
                                   +18 vs. Reflex,   
                                   2d6 + 11 necrotic damage, target is blinded until end of next turn
Flame Strike (Encounter; Burst 2 within 10),   
                                   +18 vs. Reflex,   
                                   2d10 + 11 fire damage, ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends)
                                   - miss half damage
Poison Spray (Encounter; Close Blast 5),   
                                   +18 vs. Will,   
                                   2d10 + 11 poison damage, target takes 10 ongoing poison damage
                                   and is dazed (save ends both)
Curse of Blood (Encounter; Close Burst 3),   
                                   +18 vs. Fortitude,   
                                   enemies gain vulnerable 5 to all damage until end of encounter
                                   and each vulnerability Dara inflicts is increased by 5
Blood Drain (Standard; requires combat advantage),   
                                   +16 vs. Fortitude,   
                                   3d12 + 14 damage, target is dazed (save ends)
                                   and Dara regains damage dealt

Minor Actions

Dominating Gaze (Minor; Recharge 5 6 bloodied; Range 5),   
                                   +18 vs. Will,
                                   target is dominated (save ends; -2 penalty to save)
                                   Aftereffect: target dazed (save ends)
Summon Shadow Snake* (Minor; Encounter),   
                                   summon 1d4 + 1 Shadow Snake (see Monster Manual)

Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common, Elven
Religion +20, Stealth +17, Bluff +17, Nature +17

*Shadow Snakes cannot be cast per encounter.
Once Dara summons them, each one that is killed must be replaced.
Replacing one could take days.

Example Encounter

Dara will always be found in luxury, in mansions, castles, even cellars.
She likes to have a fresh supply of blood at all time, which implies long term humanoids used as cattle.

She drinks the blood as if it were wine.
Her coffin is made of imported exotic wood and has silver decorations on it.

When encountered she has her family with her, usually Vampire Spawn.
These are failed attempts at creating a family.

When she is outmatched, she will summon Shadow Snake to keep the PCs busy.
She may even turn some of the PCs allies and surprise the PCs during a fight.
All her hideouts have a hidden escape route.

  • Dara
  • a few dozen Vampire Spawn Bloodhunter
      (see monster manual; increase their level by 4)

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