Welcome to my Dungeons & Dragons blog.

I've played D&D 4E since it was published, mostly as a DM.
This blog records some of my experiences,
below is an overview of the posts I've written.
As a DM, I like to work with interesting NPCs, detailed simulated world and plot twists.

I live in Antwerp, Belgium and I am a Software Engineer.

I write this blog in order to help the D&D community,
hoping that people find my posts helpful.
I don't want to earn money from this or have a goal in mind for number of readers.
It would be nice to have a couple of readers that find my posts good.

The second reason is that I like to hone my writing skills and I hope to someday write some articles for Dungeon or Dragon Magazine or some other publication.
I don't care about the money, just the idea of lots of people reading my creative ideas is nice.

The links below lead to my posts grouped by category, from old to new.







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