Friday, August 24, 2012

Rescue Merchant son from Dragon quest

A white dragon kidnapped the son of a wealthy merchant.
It's up to the PCs to track it and rescue the son.
This quest is for level 7 characters.

A rumor is going around in the city that a rich merchant's son was kidnapped.

When the PCs go to the merchant, he speaks with them in his office.
He trades in many items: food, spices, clothes, cigars, fur, etc.

He tells them a white dragon captured his son in the woods south of the city.
These woods were believed to safe, but that's apparently not the case.

He asks the PCs to track it to its lair and retrieve his son.
The reward for bringing his son back alive is 500 gp.


The merchant is a rogue:
This means he has high Bluff, Stealth, and Thievery skills.
As the PCs track using the Nature skill, he follows from behind.
If the PCs discover him, he tells them he wants to go to the dragon's lair to see if his son is still alive but doesn't want to confront the dragon directly.
He is a quest giver and an antagonist.

Dragon's lair

When the PCs reach the dragon's lair, they find the dragon, its hoard and the son quickly.
The hoard is worth 2500 gp. The son is bound and gagged.

When the Adult White Dragon notices them she asks them why they are here.
The dragon is enraged at the merchant for killing its family for their scales.
She wants revenge on the merchant and wants him to suffer.
She points at a +1 white dragon scale armor that belonged to the son.

At this point the PCs either fight the dragon or come to some agreement.
  1. Fight:
    Adult White Dragon (see Monster Manual)
    Before the PCs can rest, the merchant comes in wearing another white dragon scale armor, pays them with a part of the hoard and takes his son with him.
    If they want to fight the merchant, use the stats from an Orc Bloodrager (see Monster Manual).
    He has no money on him besides the dragon hoard.
    He wears a +1 white dragon scale armor.
  2. Agreement:
    There are several possibilities:
    • luring the merchant in the lair
    • killing the merchant in his office
    • killing the son
    • go back to the merchant with his dead son and tell them the dragon is dead, while the dragon is alive
If someone tries to kill the son, he starts crying.

If the son is freed, he'll clean up and puts his white dragon scale armor back on.
He won't even thank or say anything to the lowly PCs.

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