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Rat Extermination Quest

Rat Extermination Quest

Expected Level: 1-2

Meeting the quest giver


This quest starts by the PCs being called by the owner of
a meat store called the "Best meat in Town".
She is called Rihanna.

She whispers there is a rat problem and points to a closed passage way
to a cellar. There are other customers so she keeps her voice down.
Insight DC 5: Her attitude indicates she's reluctant to ask it and a bit shy.
Insight DC 15: She appears to be hiding something. If pushed, she'll tell the PCs
                        that the meat in her store is all rat meat, just differently prepared.
Rihanna offers a reward of 50 gp and a free meal.

Down into the cellar


The passage way to the cellar is easily opened and a small stone
staircase leads downwards.
It is below freezing temperature and pitch dark in the cellar.
Perception DC 5: creatures are wandering around
Nature DC 10: the creatures are rats

If the PCs bring a light source or have darkvision,
they see the following:
  • 3 Dire Rats
  • Rat Swarm
  • Skinned meat hanging from the ceiling, unreachable for the rats
  • The walls are slippery from ice, the rats aren't able to climb

The rats won't attack the PCs, as they are a bit domesticated.
They will defend themselves if attacked.
The meat on the ceiling is rat meat.
A Nature DC 12 reveals both if PCs take a close look.

Fighting the Rats

Attacking the rats results in the following combat encounter:
- 3 Dire Rats
- Rat Swarm (Rats can be found in the Monster Manual)
- The area is a 5 x 6 squares

If the PCs fail a Stealth DC 10, the owner hears the fight and comes down.
She asks the PCs to stop the fight.
The reason she didn't say anything before is that:
  • She doesn't want the customers to find out
  • She doesn't want to leave the store unattended
  • She hoped the PCs would figure out the rats are the meat source
    and would be quiet about this.

A Perception DC 10 at the back of the room reveals a small tunnel
through which medium creatures can crawl.

Crawl to the Cave

If the PCs crawl through the tunnel, they'll find a small cavern containing
kobolds. If the PCs match Stealth DC 11 and don't have light source, the kobolds won't notice them.
The kobolds speak common and attack while shouting "You won't take our food away".
This results in a combat encounter:
  • 2 Kobold Skirmishers
  • 2 Kobold Slingers (Kobolds can be found in Monster Manual)
 Note: for additional flavor the kobolds may use a bite attack.

After the encounter ends, the PCs can search through the rest of the cavern.
They'll find a heap of dead rats, with only the skin eaten.
The meat itself is untouched.
History or Streetwise DC 10: the party has heard of kobolds that consider
         the hide of an animal the best part to eat. They find Rat meat disgusting.


The PCs are able to get through this quest without any fighting.
They have a choice about Rihanna's secret and whether to keep it.

These encounters can be modified for higher-level play:
I used it at level 14 and used Jovocs instead of kobolds.
Jovocs can be found in the Demonomicon supplement.

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